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What Should I Expect At My Brow Appointment?

Consultations are done the day of your actual brow procedure.
We do NOT offer consultations before your appointment.

Initial Brow Session

Your entire Microblading / Ombre Powder /  Hybrid Brow process should take approximately 2-3 hours depending upon your artist.

Step 1: Consultation:

Prior to the start of your procedure, your artist will work with you to discuss your goals, lifestyle, the shape of your existing brows, and the problem areas you wish to address. Bringing reference photos of your desired brow shape is highly recommended and greatly appreciated. Your artist will then discuss with you the best treatment that they advise. Once it is finalized, the artist will then proceed with the following steps.

Step 2:  Photography:

The Brow Artist will take before pictures & videos of your bare brows.

Step 3: Numb:

A topical numb cream will be applied to numb your brow area. (This step varies based upon the artist. Some artists prefer to numb during the procedure versus before).

Step 4: Brow Mapping (Predraw):

The Brow artist will measure and mark your face using several different measuring tools to help achieve the best proportions and symmetry for your bone structure. Then your desired brow shape will be mapped onto your brows using an eyebrow pencil.  You will take some time to examine your newly pre-shaped eyebrows. We won’t move forward with anything until you are completely happy with your brow pre-shape, and if that means some adjustments need to be made, then so be it.

Step 5: Procedure:

The brow procedure begins and will take approximately 1-1.5 hours.

Step 6: Complete:

Done! Your after photos will be taken and your artist will go over aftercare instructions and provide you with your aftercare ointment. Enjoy your new brows!


Microblading-Ombre Powder-Hybrid Brow Healing Process

Microblading-Ombre Powder -Hybrid Brow AfterCare

Touch-Up Session 

Although not mandatory, we strongly recommend clients come in for a touch-up session depending on their needs and goals. Touch-up rates can be found on our BROW 101 page

The Touch-up session is performed 6- 8 weeks from your initial appointment.  At this appointment, your Microblading artist will assess how your skin has healed and will perfect your brows accordingly.

Microblading, Ombre Powder & Hybrid Brows are a semi-permanent procedure. Therefore, it will gradually and naturally fade over time, to varying degrees—this is the nature of semi-permanent makeup. A touch-up or "Refresher Session" is highly recommended as the brow procedure is usually a two-step process. After the 6-8 week touch up appointment we recommend clients come at least once a year for an annual touch up to maintain the color & shape of their brows. 


Please keep in mind depending upon your skin, medical history and lifestyle additional touch ups may be needed to maintain your brows. Touch ups are NOT included in brow pricing.

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